Friday, December 27, 2013

Why A Total Lack Of Popularity Of A Penny Stock Or Low Single Digit Stock Can Be A Great Time To Buy The Stock'

I am a value investor that is I am always looking for stocks that are worth more than the price their trading for simply stated. One of the keys to being a successful value investor when it comes to investing in penny stocks or low single digit stocks is finding stocks that are very unpopular. The less that I hear about a stock that I want to invest in the better. When a stock is always in the news its going to be way to popular to be an attractive investment. Its most likely a overvalued stock not an undervalued stock and its certainly not a good time to buy the stock. Apple is a good example the stocks in the news every single day analysts talk about the company all the time morning noon and night. The key to making money in stocks is avoiding the stocks that are the most popular. Most investors do the exact opposite they buy the stocks that are large household names like apple that all the analysts are raving and ranting about the most and totally overlook some great value stocks that are great investment opportunities that are very unpopular smaller lesser known companies that maybe are not even followed by any analysts and are rarely mentioned  in the business news. A stock is rarely going to be a great value stock if it is highly popular.

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