Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Avoiding Penny Stocks Or Low Single Digit Stocks That Are In A Business Area That Is Becoming Outdated Is Very Important'

Now here is a simple thing that just about anyone investing in penny stocks or low single digit stocks or really any type of stock can realize fairly easily. Stay away from any stock in any company that has a product or service that is in the process of becoming obsolete. A great example are newspaper companies the chicago suntimes the chicago tribune the newyork times. Newspaper companies are becoming  dinosaurs with the event of the internet theirs no need to have a newspaper delivered to your doorstep when all of the news that you want and more is just one click away on a computer at home. Blockbuster is another great example Theirs no need to leave your home to rent a movie from blockbuster when its far easier to just order a movie on demand on your cable tv. You think anyone would be interested in buying stock in a company that makes envelopes with the event of the internet its much easier to just send someone a email than to mail them a letter.

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