Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Get Rich Quick Notion Concerning Penny Stocks

Now here is a question that so many investors ask when it comes to buying penny stocks or low
single digit stocks Can someone really make it big investing in penny stocks. The answer is yes but not overnight or in just a few months. More likely than not it will take some time before you will realize large gains in a penny stock or a single digit stock that you have invested in. My time frame is anywhere from 1 year to 5 years. Now this may see like a long time but when you think about it its really not that long. Im not a trader that is Im not going to be trading in and out of a penny stock or low single digit stock. The method I use to identity a penny stock or a low single digit stock that I find attractive  to invest in will enable me to make potential gains of five times or more on my money in some cases ten or fifteen even twenty time my money on a penny stock or low single digit stock over a period of one to five years. I will not invest in a penny stock or lo single digit stock unless their is the potential for really huge gains in the stock.

One of the biggest mistakes investors make when investing in penny stocks or low single digit stocks' is bailing out of a stock to soon. Sure you may be thinking I purchased a penny stock or low single digit stock for 1 dollar now its trading at 3 dollars time to take some profits right wrong. Theirs no reason why a penny stock or  low single digit stock carefully selected cannot  appreciate much further. If the stock is really undervalued it could easily go to 10' 15 even 20 dollars a share or higher in some cases. So do not be so ancy to jump out of a stock because it has seen some nice gains. If you believe that the future prospects remain bright for the company than you should be in no hurry to bail out of the stock.

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