Friday, December 27, 2013

Why It Is So Very Important To Avoid Penny Stocks Or Low Single Digit Stocks That Do Not Have Financial Statements That Are Up To Date.

Here is yet another  obvious piece of advice that those investing in penny stocks and low single digit stocks should heed. Never buy shares of stock in a company that has financial statements that are not up to date  All companies that trade on the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq must file financial disclosure statements with the sec. Theirs 10QSs 10'k'S. 10Q's are quarterly reports 10'KS annual reports. Theirs also a lot of other financial  statements that companies registered with sec are required to file. In some cases companies fall behind in the filings for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reasons their financial statements are not up to date does not matter why would anyone want to buy shares in a stock that has financial statements that are a year old. If I have no idea how a company has performed over the last twelve months why in the world would I even consider buying the stock.
Some companies especially companies that trade on the pink sheets or the over the counter bulletin board are not even required to be registered with sec.

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