Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why So Many Of The Best Performing Penny Stocks And Low Single Digit Stocks Tend To Be Companies That Have A Product Or Service That Consumers Really Need.

Now here is something that I like to stress to investors of penny stocks and low single digit stocks. I always prefer investing in the stock of companies that sell a product or service that consumers really need food  companies companies in the healthcare sector come to mind first. A great example of another type of business that has products or services that are always in demand are companies in the pet supply business. Who would not take their cat or dog to the vet if it was sick who would not buy flea and tick medications if their dog or cat had fleas or ticks.What about companies that do car repairs.Cleaning product companies are another great example. A company in the Greeting card business another business would be the janitorial business. A company that makes filters for residential or commercial use another  Companies that make a product or service thats always in demand  have a more predictable earnings and sales cycle than companies that sell a product thats non essential

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