Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why Its Better To Favor A Penny Stocks Or Low Single Digit Stock That's In The Food Or Healthcare Industry.

Now here is a great suggestion for those considering purchasing shares in a penny stock or low single digit stock. Stocks in the food or healthcare sector I am not referring to biotech stocks by the way generally have a lower risk profile simply because the demand for what they are selling does not fluctuate as much as say the products  a building supply company sells. The demand for lumber drywall my decline sharply in bad economic times. The the demand for food and healthcare services will most likely increase year over year regardless of what the economic conditions are like..I prefer investing in a company that has a product or service thats going to be in real demand regardless of what the economic conditions are like. Thats why I favor food and healthcare over other sectors. The less a company is effected by economic conditions the better

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