Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why I Recommend That Investors Investing In Penny Stocks Or Low Single Digit Stocks Avoid Gold Silver Or Other Types Of Mining Companies'

Now I know that lot of penny stock investors and investors in low single digit stocks wiil be tempted to buy a penny junior gold mining stock at some time or another. The problem with these type of companies is they have a much higher failure rate than  penny stocks or low single digit stocks that are in a business area outside the mining sector. The penny stock mining business is probably one of the most speculative highest risk industries out their why bother with these type of stocks when their some many other penny stocks and low single digit stocks out their that have a much lower risk profile and have far better prospects and potential than penny gold mining companies. In many cases companies in the penny junior gold mining sector are ideal plays for pump and dump scammers.

The link below is a you tube video about a pump and dump scam the company is involved in the penny junior gold mining business.

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